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AVG PC TuneUp – Lags, freezes and crashes – those are just a few of problems that haunt almost every PC user. You might have faced them as well: computer freezing cost you winning an online match or crash that erased hours of work. All this can be really frustrating, but with AVG TuneUp, you can wave them goodbye. This clean-up software will help you free the hard drive space by deleting useless data and applications and deactivating programs that slow down the speed of your computer to an agonizing crawl, as well as clean your registry to improve the functioning of your OS.

Speed up your Computer

Does your computer take forever to boot? Does even the smallest application drive it to a standstill? Does web browsing make you think that you could go and buy a newspaper and the site wouldn’t load before you’ve returned? If you answered yes to at least one of your questions, then you really could use AVG PC TuneUp. Using the Sleep Mode feature it will “put to sleep” all the applications that slow down your computer with memory and CPU hogging. Apps with a lot of processes running in the background or with lots of startup items will no longer stall the performance of your device.

Deep clean your hard drive

A common cause of slow performance in computers is an overstuffed hard drive. Programs and applications we have installed but never used, updates, temp files, etc., these are all items that will inevitably hinder the running of your device. With TuneUp, you can remove all these unnecessary files with one click of a mouse. The Software Uninstaller feature will detect all programs on your computer and grade them by usefulness. You can then choose to remove those that aren’t crucial and release hard drive space from junk software. Deep Cleaner feature will allow you to remove all files that serve no purpose, such as old installers, cache and backups.

Clean your Windows registry

Another useful feature of program is Windows registry cleaning. Many errors and crashes are caused by the problems in this database of Windows settings. By periodically cleaning them you can be sure that your system will no longer collapse under its own weight. AVG TuneUp detects any bugs and problems with the registry and fixes them, preventing your computer from crashing and freezing up in the future.


AVG PC TuneUp received positive opinions from reviewers. They praised the many features of the software and how fast and precise it was in detecting and deleting performance issues of the computer. Some went as far as calling it the best on the list of clean-up software.

Key features

  • One of the best computer clean up tools available on the market
  • Rid your device of unnecessary files that slow down the performance
  • Uninstall obsolete and useless programs using Software Uninstaller
  • Clean Windows registry and prevent system form freezing and crashing
  • Release data space and speed up the running of your device


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