Malwarebytes Inc. is an American Internet security company that focuses on protecting home computers, smartphones, and corporations from malware and other threats, it's offices in Santa Clara, California; Clearwater, Florida; Tallinn, Estonia, and Cork, Ireland.


Early history and background

Malwarebytes Inc. was informally established in 2004. CEO and founder Marcin Kleczynski, originally from Poland, was still an adolescent attending highschool in Bensenville, Illinois at the time, and was working as a technician during a computer fix-it shop in Chicago. He noticed that whenever infected computers arrived, they might generally reformat the pc, regardless if the infection was the only minor. it had been only his mother's computer became infected that Kleczynski learned more about why the virus wasn't directly attacked, finding that neither McAfee nor Symantec would remove the malware from his system. He later recalled "I've never been as angry as once I got my computer infected", and professed that his mother told him to repair it "under penalty of death". it had been only after Kleczynski posted on the forum SpywareInfo, popular at the time, that he was ready to find out how to cure it, which took three days. the corporate was unofficially founded after this when Kleczynski conversed and have become friends with several of the editors of the forum, who tempted him to shop for an unused domain from them.

With one among the site's regulars, Bruce Harrison, Kleczynski wrote the inaugural version of the company's software. In 2006, working with a university roommate to supply a freely available program called "RogueRemover", a utility that specialized in fighting against a kind of infection referred to as "rogues", which scam computer users into making a gift of their MasterCard information through fake anti-virus software. RogueRemover proved instrumental in developing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Kleczynski was ready to found out a forum that enabled him to enhance the software through feedback. Kleczynski and Harrison formally launched Malwarebytes on January 21, 2008, while Kleczynski was studying computing at the University of Illinois Bruce became the VP of Research for Malwarebytes, and further hired Doug Swanson, with experience in freeware development to figure for the new company. Marcus Chung, an e-commerce expert who formerly worked for GreenBorder, was hired as chief operating officer. Kleczynski and Harrison reportedly made $600,000 in their first year of selling the software, despite not having met personally at the time.

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