(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs Here we go through some questions and answers regarding handling of the site and things related to CD keys that come from customers.

Of course, our genuine platform has 128-bit SSL encryption that works 24/7 on the website that enables a secured online ordering. Endeavor to check for the green URL bar or padlock icon and local or icon key on your internet browser when looking up location. However, each different format depends on the browser you have, which will show that you’re using a secured encrypted page. Read our Privacy policy here

All our software is 100% legitimate and our company warranty guarantees it.

It means that the download will not be done on physical CDs or DVDs. Hence, Software installer can be downloaded from cloud-storage via a manufacturer or verified third person’s websites.

Yes. All the listed products on our website are full software versions.

Once an order is placed, the software is digitally delivered within 24 hours (Usually within a few hours) by making the product key or code and download links available. Please give a space of a maximum of 24 hours to obtain the product, but in most cases, you will receive it within a few hours.

Not really, it’s optional to do that, since you can purchase as a guest too.

To create an account, you need to click on my account tab on the menu bar of the website. Afterward, choose your preferred username and password. Or Or register through your account, social networking sites, Facebook or Gmail or, you will be prompted to create an account when you are about to checkout. 

provide a new address.

Once you have made a payment, you will get a payment confirmation email. Hint: some customers do have email issues, especially when they receive an automatic message that ends up in their spam or junk folders. Ensure to check your Spam, Bulk ad junk folders regularly.

If you need more questions to be answered, kindly contact us here.